AP Teachers and Courses

AP Courses and Their Teachers
Course Teacher Email
AP Art History Mildred Lord [email protected]
AP Biology Laura Beck [email protected]
AP Calculus AB/BC Robert Restivo [email protected]
AP Capstone Research Everett Wells [email protected]
AP Capstone Seminar Lindsay Konradt [email protected]
AP Chemistry Monica Marcus [email protected]
AP Comparative Government Michael Callahan [email protected]
AP Computer Science
John Sudik [email protected]
AP English Language and Composition Jamee Gilson [email protected]
Lindsay Konradt [email protected]
Everett Wells [email protected]
AP English Literature Katherine Joiner [email protected]
Mildred Lord [email protected]
Gregory Pyne [email protected]
AP Environmental Science Jenna Brunette [email protected]
AP European History Andrea Shrader [email protected]
AP Human Geography Stephen Cumbie [email protected]
Jessica Goody [email protected]
Nicole Thorndill [email protected]
AP Macroeconomics Michael Iatarola [email protected]
AP Microeconomics Michael Callahan [email protected]
AP Music Theory Robert Krahn [email protected]
AP Physics 1,2, and C Tyler Hedrick [email protected]
AP Psychology Donald Murtagh [email protected]
AP Spanish Language and Culture Sonia Vigliotti [email protected]
AP Spanish Literature Marisol Gerritsen [email protected]
AP Statistics Eugene Thompson [email protected]
AP Studio Art, 2D Karol Young [email protected]
AP Studio Art 3D Marco Newland [email protected]
AP US Government Michael Callahan [email protected]
Alicia Light [email protected]
AP US History Jessica Goody [email protected]
Andrea Shrader [email protected]
Nicole Thorndill [email protected]
AP World History April Kassar [email protected]
Joseph Light [email protected]