AP Ambassadors

AP Ambassadors serve as ambassadors for our West Orange High School Advanced Placement Program. The primary mission of our organization is to promote our Advanced Placement program and provide support, camaraderie, and unity for all of our students who participate in the competitive field of Advanced Placement coursework. AP Ambassadors are tasked with organizing and running a boot camp that is open to all incoming freshman to the AP program and all other new students to the AP program, promoting the importance of PSAT and SAT, participating in AP Curriculum Night, speaking to incoming freshman and underclassman prior to course registration to encourage them to challenge themselves with AP coursework as well as detail the expectations for students who register for AP courses.


AP Ambassador Sponsor and Lead Teachers


Ms. Lindsay Konradt

Lead Teachers:

Mr. Donald Murtagh

Ms. Andrea Shrader

Mr. Michael Callahan

Mr. Joseph Light

Ms. April Kassar

AP Student Ambassadors

Joe DeRienzo

Sarah Crouse

Marissa Magnelli

Jacob Titus

Madison Tharp

Nihar Gupte

Sameeha Saied

Parth Kaneria

Michael Cohn

Lindsey Berkowitz

Shreya Atmakuri

Peter Han

Rebecca Stemples

Natalie Irwin

Kristian Michael

Robert Davis

Brian Mahanpour

Isabel Corser

Angelica D’Souza

Chantal Ninah

Theresa Le

Kristen Phanouvong

Adam Couch

Jennifer Nguyen

Eric Singh

Antonio Aguila

Michelle McKenna

David Haas

Elizabeth Victor

Ricardo Posada

Zak Bennounas

Jacob Zimmerman

Mackenzie Beach


Committees and Leadership

Jacob Zimmerman

Antonio Aguila



David Haas

Michael Cohn




Peter Han

Becca Stemples



Joe Derienzo

Jacob Titus