Canvas Parent Access

In the past, there were too many systems to check and no easy way for parents to view student assignments, homework assignments, events and calendars. We heard you. To address this, OCPS has adopted a single Learning Management System, Canvas. In Canvas, parents are observers of their student’s school lives. They have easy access to view the calendar, assignments, grades/feedback for work completed in Canvas and messages sent between students in Canvas.

Parents can login to Canvas using the credentials below. Parents have one username/password for each student.

Login Address:

Each student generates their own parent account. All parent accounts use the same formula:

Username: The letter “G” then the student ID number
Password: The letter “G” then the student date of birth (YYYYMMDD)

For Example:

Student, John T. - Student ID: 4801780000 - DOB: June 21, 2000
Username: G4801780000
Password: G20000621

After you log in for the first time using the credentials above, you will be asked to change your password to ensure the highest possible account security.