Curriculum Guide

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WOHS Student Services Policies

Senior Off-Campus Privilege

Per the OCPS Student Attendance and Policy Procedures Attendance Handbook “Each student in grade 12 shall be required to enroll in courses for a full school day. A student's parent/legal guardian may request waiver of this requirement. The principal may grant the waiver after determining the student's attendance for less than a full school day would not prevent the student from achieving the minimum requirements for high school graduation.”

To be considered for a waiver the following minimum criteria must be met:
1. Student is on track for all graduation requirements including a minimum 2.0 unweighted GPA, have passed the FSA ELA assessment and Algebra 1 EOC or earned a concordant score, and have a minimum of 17 credits in the appropriate areas completed.
2. Have successfully completed a College or Career Acceleration opportunity.

**Please note that the WOHS Student Services Team does not recommend students to have a reduced schedule during their senior year. We advise students to maintain a full-time academic schedule through graduation.

Add/Drop Policy

During the first week of school an add/drop period in which students are able to request classes be added or removed from their schedule is opened. After the add/drop period closes, requests for schedule changes and to remove courses from their schedules will not be accepted. If your child is struggling in a class, please contact their teacher or call 407-905-2403 to schedule a parent-teacher conference. Tutoring is held every Tuesday and Thursday in the cafeteria from 2:30-3:30. Exceptions will be considered for students requesting to be removed from an advanced level course to a lower level, for example, from an AP level to an Honors or from and Honors level to a Regular. The replacement course must be an on-campus course. Students requesting to drop a rigorous course will be required to have demonstrated efforts to be successful including each of the following:
1. No missing assignments in the course requesting to drop
2. Attended at least 5 tutoring sessions
3. A Parent-Teacher Conference including the Parent, Teacher, and Student

Students will not be removed from on-campus courses for an OCVS or FLVS course once the add/drop period ends.

College and Career Acceleration Opportunities

All students must be enrolled in a College or Career Acceleration opportunity each year in 9th through 12th grade. Example courses which qualify as College and Career Acceleration courses include: Agriscience Foundations, Digital Information Technology, Photography (year 2), Animal Sciences, Building Construction (year 2), Computer Systems Tech (year 2), Horticulture, Intro to Engineering (year 3 of PLTW), Digital Design Theory, any AP course, or any Dual Enrollment course.

Intensive Reading

The State of Florida requires that all students pass the Florida Standards Assessment ELA and Algebra 1 EOC or demonstrate proficiency by earning a concordant score on the SAT, ACT, or PERT (Alg). In order to support students in successfully completing this requirement, students in grades 9 through 12 who have not passed their FSA ELA or earned a concordant score (11th/12th), will be scheduled into an Intensive Reading class. The purpose of the Intensive Reading class is to support students in gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in passing the FSA ELA.  Juniors and Seniors who earn a concordant score prior to the end of the first semester will be provided the opportunity to move into an available elective at the start of the second semester.  If the student chooses to remain in a reading class, they will be allowed to do so.  Students who earn a concordant score in the second semester will remain scheduled in reading through the end of the school year.