Guidance Counselors


contact information
Student Services, Building 800
Hours: 6:30am - 3pm
Ms. Elizabeth Spence, Guidance Support 
(407) 905-2403

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Stephanie Walker
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Ci - FI

Mary McManamon

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Carsonie Legerme
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 Je - McK
Lauren Wood
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McL - Po
Priyadarshani Samaroo   
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Erica Sumpter
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Sn -Z
Sara Orellana-Mejia
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 College and Career Specialist
Brooke Maroth
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Student Services Support Team

Assistant Principal of Instruction Amanda DiMarzo                                            [email protected]
Ext. 6162443 
Guidance Support
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Elizabeth Spence [email protected]
» Registration
Margaret Beadle 
[email protected]
Ext: 6162562

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Records Clerk
» Withdrawals
Camille Morales [email protected]
Ext: 6162468
504 Coordinator
The 504 Coordinator assists with accommodations
for students with a current 504 plan and assessing
students for 504 eligibility.
Torri Chance [email protected]
Ext: 6162712
Staffing Specialist
The Staffing Specialist assists with accommodations
for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s) and student IEP consideration and eligibility.
Simone Webster S[email protected]
Ext: 6162543
ESOL Compliance Specialist
The ESOL Compliance and Support Specialist ensures
standards and best  practices are met for ESOL students.
 Emily Leach [email protected]
Ext: 6162465
CTE Career Specialist 
(Orange Technical College)
The CTE Specialist assists with courses and certifications offered at WOHS and through
dual enrollment at Orange Technical College.
» CTE Information
Brandi Heidelberg                                              [email protected]
Ext: 6162414
SAFE Coordinator
SAFE (Student Assistance and Family Empowerment Program) assists at-risk students and their families.
SAFE provides prevention programs for alcohol,
tobacco, and other drugs, bullying prevention, peer mediation/conflict resolution, homeless advocacy,
crisis intervention and post-intervention, and community service partnerships.
» SAFE Information
Mandi Brown [email protected]
Ext: 6162636