Registration and Withdrawals


Registration for the 2022-23 school year will take place by appointment only. Please call the school at 407-905-2400 to make an appointment or make an appointment here. In order to register your student the following Registration Paperwork is required:

Parent/guardian will complete the registration packet and provide the documentation listed below. Visit the New Student Registration page, where you will find forms in various languages.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Download blank registration packet and save to your computer with using Adobe Reader Only

  2. Open saved document

  3. Fill in the blanks

  4. Save completed registration packet with child’s First Name and Last name, and then print the documentation.

  5. If families do not have access to a printer please feel free to stop by the front office to pick up a blank copy of the forms. 

Required documentation to bring to the school:

  1. Completed registration packet (link above)

  2.  Birth certificate

  3.  Vaccination record on FL680 form

  4. Proof of physical within last year

  5. Academic history (transcript and/or last report card, withdrawal from prior school and most recent Test scores.)

  6.  Special education information (IEP, 504, etc.)

  7. Government picture ID for registering parent (Driver’s license)

  8. Verification of Guardianship (see registration packet)

  9. Verification of Residence (see registration packet)

All documents need to be provided upon registering.


All documents need to be provided in one email or faxed to 407-656-4970 for your child to be withdrawn.  If you fax the documents, please send a confirmation email to CAMILLE MORALES  Your child must return all items in order to be withdrawn.  Click on the   WOHS Withdrawal Form to begin the process.