Senior Class 2022

Senior Exit Survey

Please ask your senior if they have taken the survey on Canvas about their future plans. It asks about post-secondary education, scholarships received, etc. Ms. Crumpler in the WOHS College and Career Center is collecting this information. They must access this survey from their school email account.
Click here to complete the survey. 


Yearbook sales have officially ended and books are SOLD OUT!  Once books arrive next week, an announcement will be made if any are available for sale.  Those will be for sale in person for $100 at Room 216 starting May 9th.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]


Yearbooks will be available for pickup on Monday, May 9th outside Room 216 between class change, during lunch or after school.  

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Senior Spotlight
Click here to schedule a time to be featured in the school magazine.

Senior Instagram Shoutouts

Seniors, it’s that time of the year! If you’ve made your post-graduation decision, fill out the form at to be featured on Instagram! If you’re not sure yet, there’s time! The last day to submit a form to be posted is May 8th.  Follow @WOHS2022_Decisions to view the posts.

Senior Banners
Parents/families are welcome to hang banners for walkout inside the school courtyard along the second story handrail starting Monday, May 9th from 2:30pm-6pm. Please enter through the senior parking lot. 
They may not be larger than a twin sheet. 
Most banners are around 3' x 6'. 
You must hang it vertically to make room for others. 
All banners must be appropriate for school! 
Do NOT cover or move another senior banner while hanging your own.
Be mindful of space as we have a lot of seniors. 
Please remove the banner by May 25th.



Senior Clearance

Senior Clearance
In order to graduate, seniors must complete a series of items.  Student will have different stations they must attend and get “signed off” on. There will be a station or two for obligations, there will be a station for laptop return, a guidance station for the FFAA application completion, final transcript ordering, and cap and gown station for pick-up/order and pick up of graduation tickets. The date for Senior Clearance is May 12th.


West Orange High Baccalaureate
Baccalaureate will take place on Tuesday, May 10th at 6pm in the Auditorium. Seniors, West Orange students, families, and friends are all invited to this event to celebrate. A reception will be held in the cafeteria after the event.
This event is an opportunity for seniors to enjoy their friends and take pictures on campus in their cap & gown. Seniors must arrive at 5:15pm in the cafeteria wearing their cap & gown. The doors of the auditorium will open at 5:30pm for parents, families and friends.

Senior Walkout
The last official day of class for Seniors will be Wednesday, May 11th. The seniors will walkout at 11:30am. This is one of the most treasured traditions at West Orange! They will walk through campus from the auditorium through the courtyard to the senior parking lot as a class one last time.
Parents/families are welcome to hang banners inside the school courtyard along the second story handrail. They may not be larger than a twin sheet. Most banners are around 3' x 6'. You must hang it vertically to make room for others. All banners must be appropriate for school!  

If you plan on attending walkout, you must fill out the Pre-Clearance form prior to walkout. All guests 16+ must fill out the form using the link below or the QR which is in the walkout flyer.

Sen'ya Later Parade

The Sen'ya Later Parade is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 11th at 6:00 pm. The seniors will parade up and down Plant Street in downtown Winter Garden.

Spirit Night
Please stop by the BurgerFi on Plant Street before, during or after the parade on Wednesday, May 11th (5-9pm) and support the Senior Class spirit night.

Graduation Tickets
Graduation Ticket Information
Tickets for graduation are free.  Each graduate will receive 10 tickets at senior clearance on May 12th (provided all items from clearance have been completed).  On May 9th, seniors will receive a remind message where they can sign up for up to 4 additional tickets.  These tickets are limited.

Graduation date is May 16th at 2:20 pm
University of Central Florida Arena


Graduation Suites

Photo of the Addition Financial Arena

Additions Financial Arena is offering suite rentals for graduation. This is completely optional and separate from the tickets you will receive from the school. The number of tickets per graduate will come out later this month.
Regular Suite– Accommodates up to 20 guests - $600 rental fee
Party Suite Rental – Accommodates up to 30 guests - $700 rental fee
Loge Area – Accommodates up to 40 guests - $800 rental fee
Each rental includes a “snack pack” that includes a 12 pack of bottled water and a cookie platter. Additional catering options will be made available at a later date. No outside food or beverage is allowed in Addition Financial Arena. All the premium options at Addition Financial Arena are located on the right side of the arena as one faces the stage. Guests with suite and/or loge tickets for the ceremony will have access to our VIP Entrance.
If you are interested, please email Stan Macko, Regional Director of Group Sales at [email protected].

  Cap and Gowns


If you have not ordered your Cap & Gown, orders can be placed at or in person at Cap & Gown Distribution Which will be held in the Media Center on May 6th  - CASH ONLY. 

If you have not ordered graduation cords, you can mail in the form with check or money order OR buy them at Cap & Gown Distribution (May 6th) - CASH ONLY.  Click here to download the form.
As a friendly reminder, students MAY NOT decorate their caps.

Spring Musical

The Pajama Game Save the Date
Spring Musical Change Alert!! We will be performing “The Pajama Game” this Spring!  Get into the groove of the 50s and join us for some good, old-fashioned, upbeat fun May 5-8th!

Senior Instagram Page

Follow @WestOrangeSeniors for the latest Senior class information.

FAFSA Application Info and SAT Testing Dates

Mark your calendars. To apply for college financial aid, you’ll need to complete the FAFSA. For the best chance at receiving the most financial aid, fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible after it opens on October 1st. Click here for instructions on how to get started.

SAT Date



Score Release

 August 28

July 30

August 17

September 10

 October 2

September 3

September 21

October 15

 November 6

October 8

October 26

November 19

 December 4

November 4

November 23

December 17

 March 12

February 11

March 1

March 25

 May 7

April 8

April 26

May 20

 June 4

May 5

May 25

July 13

The SAT dates for the 2021-2022 school year have been announced. You can find out more and register at

Senior Event Calendar

Event Date
 Last Semester Kickoff Breakfast January 4
 Senior Handprints January (TBD)
 Winter Formal January (TBD)
 Senior Sweethearts February 14
 Senior Field Day April 4th
 Grad Bash April 8
 Senior Awards  April 25th
 Prom April 23rd
 Senior Final Exams April 27-29
Senior cap and gown pick up   May 6th 
 Senior Clearance  May 12
 AP Testing May 2-13
May 10th
 Senior Walkout May 11th
 Sen'ya Later Parade May 11th
 Senior Breakfast (day after walkout) May 12th
 Graduation May 16