Instructor: Melanie Goodman-Smith

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WOHS Photography/Graphics
Communications Technology 1, 2 and 3

This course is designed to provide students with a foundation of knowledge and technically oriented experiences in the art and study of photography, digital photography, and related computer applications, such as photo editing. This course also encompasses concept, theory, and application of graphic design as an area of study and a commercially marketable skill. The content and activities of this program will focus on photography and graphic design as both arts and technical skills. There is an emphasis on creative expression and creative problem solving through lab oriented experiences as well as processes and production of tangible work. In addition, there is an exploration of the commercial applications of photography and graphics as a career. There will be a focus on industry application such as Adobe Photoshop certification and commercial photography marketing, graphic design applications, and Adobe Illustrator certification for advanced levels.

Here in the WOHS photo/graphics room…
We are very proud to house a computer lab where students learn and practice Photoshop and do internet research. We have our classroom area for discussion and photo review, classwork and project presentation. Our large equipment room is filled with industry standard equipment so we can learn to perform relevant real world tasks like cut and fit mat board frames for our work. We also have a full portrait studio with lights, backdrops, fans and props. We are also proud to have a fully functional darkroom and film processing area to process and print negatives for 35mm film work. Newly expanded, we now also house a Graphics lab for practicing manufacturing of product based work such as silk screening.

The instructor….
Mrs. Melanie Smith,
WOHS graduate c/o 1989, MA in Art Education, BA in Art with a specialization in Art History. Professional Photographer for over 15 years. Teacher with 17+ years’ experience.