Community Service

Although community service hours are not a requirement to graduate, community service hours are required for the Bright Futures Scholarship and are a positive addition to college applications. Updated state & district guidelines and criteria for students to complete community service hours are posted below. Students are required to complete the community service forms, which addresses a social problem or concern with a non-profit organization, and submit them to their school counselor for pre-approval before implementation.

Guidelines for students:
   1. Download the required forms below (paper copies are available in the student services office).
Form 1 of 2 -Community Service Proposal Form v2 (fillable).pdf
Form 2 of 2 -Community Service Log and Reflection v2 (fillable).pdf

   2. Completely fill out form 1 (Community Service Proposal Form) and submit it to your school counselor for
   pre-approval before completing the volunteer hours.

   3. Once approved, you may begin your community service hours. To document and record your completed hours,
   use form 2 (Community Service Log and Reflection).

   4. All completed community service hours, forms, and required signatures MUST be submitted by the last day
   of school EACH year.

Need help searching for local or virtual community service opportunities?   Visit   
**In-person or virtual volunteer opportunities must address a social problem or concern with a non-profit organization to meet pre-approval qualification requirements on the community service proposal form.

Orlando Korea Culture Center Volunteer Hours
Come join the group above and give back to your community while learning more about Korean culture and gain volunteer hours.

Please Note:

Teachers/Club Sponsors/Coaches do not accept nor submit community service forms on behalf of students: the student or parent is required to submit all completed community service hours, forms, and required signatures to the student services office or school counselor. 

All volunteer community service hours will begin the summer prior to entering high school; volunteer hours prior to the summer of 9th grade will not be counted.

As of January 1, 2016 community services hours must be turned in within the current academic year.

If you have any questions, please contact your school counselor.