Media Center Policies

 The Media Center at West Orange High School houses over 30,000 books on both campuses. Students may check out up to five books at a time and keep them out for three weeks. Students may renew books if they aren't finished with them for an additional three weeks. Overdue books are charged five cents per day.

The Media Center also has over 40 computers for student use. Students may create projects and documents and save them either on a flash drive, the school server or Google Docs. The fee for a printout is ten cents per page.

It is advantageous for students to create a Google account in order to save their documents. They can access these documents and presentations both at home and school and it eliminates the need for a flash drive. They can also share documents with their teachers or other students.


Hours are 6:45 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and may be adjusted to accommodate student and teacher activities and events.


Students may utilize the Media Center before school and after school without a pass.  During class time students must have a pass from their teacher to come to the media center.

Students may utilize the Media Center during their lunch period. There is no eating or drinking in the main Media Center area. Student(s) choosing to use Media Center during lunch, must stay in the Media Center for the whole lunch period. Administration requires students to remain in the Cafeteria or Media Center during the lunch period for safety purposes.


Library Circulation

Library books are loaned for a period of three weeks. Students may have 5 books at a time and book can be renewed. A West Orange High School ID card is required to check out library materials. Overdue notices are distributed once a month to the student’s school email account.


The process for new students to receive a laptop may take 48 hours upon enrollment. Information about LaunchEd can be located on the OCPS website.



A fine of ten cents per day is charged for overdue books. Obligations for overdue and lost books will be sent to Administration.  Receipts must be shown for any refund.



Student replacement ID's are made in the Media Center for $3.00, before and after school and during lunch.