Community Service



Although community service hours are not a requirement to graduate, they are required for Bright Futures Scholarships and are a positive addition to college applications.

In accordance with new 2022 legislation, updated guidelines and criteria for community service and paid work hours are posted below. 

»» UPDATED* Community Service Log and Reflection 2022-2023 ««

Student Guidelines
There are THREE important steps students must complete for community service:
1. Download, READ, and complete the Community Service Log and Reflection Form. 
2. Attach either a letter from the organization with which the student volunteered OR pay stub from the place of employment. 
3. Submit your Community Service Log and Reflection Form with hours completed and letter from the organization or pay stub to the Student Services office. 
Please note, the previous "Community Service Proposal Form" is no longer part of the community service process but students are strongly encouraged to talk to their guidance counselor to ensure their hours will count prior to completing community service hours. 

Community Service Hours Guidelines
» Determine an area/topic where you would like to make an impact.
» Research the types of volunteer activities available in our community. 
» Contact the organization with whom you are interested in volunteering and determine:
) the steps to become a volunteer,
) if they have volunteer openings for the dates/activities you are interested in,
) who the contact will be to verify your hours and participation in the activity. 
Note: Supervisors must be non-family member with organization who directly supervises the student during the outside of the home. If you have a question regarding whether the service activity is acceptable, reach out to your  guidance counselor. 
» Download and print the Community Service Log and Reflection form using the link above. Paper copies are available in the lobby of the student services office.
» Consult with your school counselor for pre-approval before completing the volunteer hours.
Note: Students cannot obtain Bright Futures community service hours for being a student assistant or attending club meetings. Download the Community Service Log and Reflection form for guidelines of eligible and ineligible hours.
» Once approved, begin documenting your hours using the Community Service Log and Reflection Log (use the link above
» All completed community service hours, forms, and required signatures MUST be submitted by the last day of school EACH year.

Need help searching for local or virtual community service opportunities? 
» Visit   *In-person or virtual volunteer opportunities must address a social problem or concern with a non-profit organization to meet pre-approval qualification requirements on the community service proposal form.

Important Reminders

» Students cannot combine community service hours and paid work hours to meet the Bright Futures requirements.

» Students are advised to make a copy of all documents before submitting.

» Teachers/Club Sponsors/Coaches do not accept nor submit community service forms on behalf of student

» Students cannot obtain Bright Futures community service hours for being a student assistant, or for attending club meetings.

» Students are required to submit all completed community service hours, forms, and required signatures to the student services office or their guidance counselor. 

» All volunteer community service hours will begin the summer prior to entering high school; volunteer hours prior to the summer of 9th grade will not be counted.

» As of January 1, 2016 community services hours must be turned in within the current academic year.

Students should contact their guidance counselor with any questions.