Cambridge (AICE)



The AICE  program is an international pre-university preparation program, part of the Cambridge Assessment Group, a not-for-profit organization and a department of the University of Cambridge in England.

More than 10,000 schools offer Cambridge programs in 160 countries across six global regions. Over 150 schools in Florida and over 200 across the United States offer The Cambridge Program. All 12 public Florida State University System colleges/universities, 100% of Ivy League institutions, and over 640 universities across the United States accept AICE credits-by-exam, with varying policies. 


AICE courses are college-level courses, emphasizing more analytical reasoning, collaboration and research with a heavy emphasis on clear, concise writing skills. Because these courses require a higher level analysis than the typical high school courses, students should expect them to move at a faster pace and to spend more time studying than other high school courses. 

AICE courses follow a course syllabus that is designed by Cambridge Assessment International Education. Courses are taught by teachers who engage in ongoing specialized training for AICE teachers is provided by Cambridge to ensure they are on track with new methods and teaching materials, and to encourage increased in the courses, and exam passing rates. 

2023-24 AICE Courses at WOHS
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» AS Level English General Paper (currently offered to Freshman only)
» AS Level Environmental Management 
» AS Level Psychology


The Cambridge AICE Diploma encompasses the "gold standard" Cambridge International AS & A Level qualification, and offers students the opportunity to tailor their individual interests, abilities, and future plans within an international curriculum framework. 

The AICE Diploma offers breadth across the curriculum and depth in selected subjects, with a balance of maths and sciences, languages, and arts and humanities.

» Learn more about the AICE Diploma here. 


OCPS awards 2 weighted points to a student's weighted GPA for Cambridge AICE classes attempted, the same amount that is weighted for Advanced Placement (AP) courses. 

Students and families should consult their counselor to determine if AICE courses are a fit. 


AICE credits are widely accepted for college credit in a similar way as earned credits from passing scores on Advanced Placement (AP) exams. For a specific college/university's credit transfer policy and accepted course credit, please click to consult the Cambridge Recognition and Credit Policy search function.