Frequently Asked Questions

Graduation Information Packet - Click Here


Graduation – May 20th, 2021 – 2:00PM
Amway Center
400 W Church St.
Orlando, FL 32801

Guidelines and Dress Code


  • Graduating Seniors Last Names A-L - Must arrive at the arena no later than 12:30PM
  • Graduating Seniors Last Names M-Z - Must arrive at the arena no later than 1:00PM
  • Attendees- Doors will open at 1:00PM and seating is by ticket only. Every attendee must have a ticket.


  • Parking in the Geico Garage is complimentary.


  • Students - through the West Entrance across from the Geico Garage on South Street & Division Avenue.
  • Attendees- either the Church Street Entrance or from the Pedestrian Bridge from the 5th floor of the Geico Garage.


  • The ceremony will consist of 2 - 45 minute identical ceremonies.  NHS members will stay with their alpha group and be read first as WOHS tradition has dictated. 
  • Parents are encouraged to stay for the duration of both ceremonies. Issued tickets are valid for both WOHS ceremonies.


  • Students will be exiting the ceremony at the corner of Church Street and Division Avenue. Please confer with your student on a meeting location as they will not have their cell phone to contact you.

    Prohibited Items:

  • Graduating Seniors are prohibited from having their cell phones, purses, or anything in their pockets.
  • Seniors will not be able to enter the marshalling area if found with any items other than graduation regalia and if not in Graduation Dress Code.

Attendees may not bring:

● Backpacks

● Bags

● Bottles

● Cameras with detachable lenses or lenses longer than 3 inches (Concerts/Events)

● Cans

● Coolers

● Cycles

● Drones

● Fireworks

● Flashlights

● Go-Pros and Go-Pro sticks

● Helium balloons

● Illegal drugs

● Laptops

● Laser pointers

● Noisemakers and amplifiers

● Outside food & beverage

● Pets (except service animals)

● Recreation equipment

● Selfie Sticks

● Signs larger than 11 in. x 17 in.

● Signs on sticks

● Signs with indecent or derogatory comments/images, political statements, and commercial references

● Skates

● Skateboards

● Souvenir Cups

● Strollers

● Thermos-type containers

● Tri-pods and mono-pods

● Unauthorized solicitation, handbills, giveaways, or sampling

● Video or audio recorders

● Wrapped gifts


Although by state law, the City cannot regulate the admission of patrons with weapons, the vast
majority of private event promoters who use the Amway Center do not allow patrons with weapons to
be admitted to their events. Security personnel reserve the right to inspect any item at any time and
prohibit any item deemed inappropriate for crowd safety.

Graduation Dress Code

Graduation dress code is per OCPS Guidelines and Protocols. Please be advised this dress code is strictly enforced and any student not in dress code will NOT walk at graduation, no exceptions.


Students wearing a BLUE gown:


  • Dark Trousers
  • Collared Shirts
  • Tie
  • Dark Dress Shoes and Socks


  • Dress or Skirt/Slacks & Blouse/Sweater
  • Dress Shoes or Sandals

For NHS students graduating in WHITE gowns:


  • Dark Trousers
  • White, Pale, or Pastel Collared Shirts
  • Tie
  • Dark Dress Shoes and Socks



  • White, Pale, or Pastel Dress or Skirt/Slacks & White, Pale, or Pastel Blouse/Sweater
  • Dress Shoes or Sandals


Not Acceptable – (you will not be admitted if you do not follow these guidelines):

  • Students should not write on or decorate cap and gown
  • Flowers or additional items should not be carried or pinned to gown
  • Sneakers, flip flops, t-shirts, or jeans are not acceptable for males or females
  • Shoes must be solid in color
  • All students must wear provided mask
  • No cell phones allowed!
  • Cords: A maximum of THREE (3) cords may be worn.
  • No outside medals or cords may be worn.

*There will be metal detectors and deans checking for dress code and prohibited items.