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Valencia College

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College / University Visits - Fall 2019*

*(new visits updated weekly, keep checking this website and Naviance
for updated dates & times)

Students must sign up via Naviance (icon on Launchpad) to attend a college visit. 
(instructions below)

Date Time Visiting School
9/12/2019 Thursday 9:15am Yale University
9/12/2019 Thursday 12:30pm College of Charleston
9/16/2019 Monday 7:25am Dartmouth College
9/16/2019 Monday 9:20am Johnson & Wales University, Providence
9/16/2019 Monday 1:30pm Nova Southeastern University
9/17/2019 Tuesday 10:15am Rutgers University-New Brunswick
9/17/2019 Tuesday 12:35pm Flagler College
09/17/209 Tuesday 1:30pm Southeastern University - Lakeland
9/18/2019 Wednesday 9:40am Florida State University
9/18/2019 Wednesday 11:40am Northwestern University
9/19/2019 Thursday 7:25am Tulane University of Louisiana
9/19/2019 Thursday 9:20am Muhlenberg College
9/23/2019 Monday 8:00am Ohio State University
9/23/2019 Monday 12:35pm University of South Carolina-Columbia
9/24/2019 Tuesday 7:25am Saint Mary's College
9/24/2019 Tuesday 10:15am Rollins College
9/24/2019 Tuesday 12:35pm University of Central Florida
9/25/2019 Wednesday 9:40am University of Florida
9/25/2019 Wednesday 11:40am AdventHealth University
9/26/2019 Thursday 8:30am Valencia College
9/26/2019 Thursday 1:30pm Florida Poly University
9/27/2019 Friday 7:25am Syracuse University
9/30/2019 Monday 8:25am Virginia Tech
9/30/2019 Monday 9:20am Florida Institute of Technology
9/30/2019 Monday 10:15am University of Connecticut
9/30/2019 Monday 12:35pm University of Mississippi
10/1/2019 Tuesday 7:25am Earlham College
10/1/2019 Tuesday 10:15am University of Miami
10/1/2019 Tuesday 12:35pm Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising LosAngeles, CA
10/2/2019 Wednesday 11:40am University of Kentucky
10/2/2019 Wednesday 12:30pm University of South Alabama
10/3/2019 Thursday 7:25am DePauw University
10/3/2019 Thursday 8:25am Suffolk University
10/3/2019 Thursday 9:20am Florida Southern College
10/3/2019 Thursday 10:15am Ringling College of Art and Design
10/4/2019 Friday 7:25am Georgetown University
10/4/2019 Friday 8:25am George Mason University
10/4/2019 Friday 9:20am Binghamton University
10/4/2019 Friday 10:15am Florida International University
10/4/2019 Friday 12:35pm Simmons University
10/4/2019 Friday 1:30pm Auburn University
10/7/2019 Monday 9:20am Georgia Southwestern State University
10/7/2019 Monday 10:15am The Sage Colleges
10/7/2019 Monday 12:35pm Polytechnic University
10/7/2019 Monday 1:30pm Duke University
10/8/2019 Tuesday 7:25am Hofstra University
10/8/2019 Tuesday 10:15am St. John's University
10/8/2019 Tuesday 12:35pm Providence College
10/9/2019 Wednesday 9:40am Florida Atlantic University
10/9/2019 Wednesday 11:40am Colby College
10/9/2019 Wednesday 12:30pm Washington College
10/10/2019 Thursday 9:20am University of Tampa
10/10/2019 Thursday 10:15am Edward Waters College
10/10/2019 Thursday 12:35pm Valparaiso University
10/10/2019 Thursday 1:30pm Palm Beach Atlantic University
10/11/2019 Friday 7:25am Butler University
10/11/2019 Friday 8:25am Lynn University
10/11/2019 Friday 10:15am University of South Florida
10/11/2019 Friday 12:35pm Queens University of Charlotte
10/15/2019 Tuesday 10:15am University of Alabama
10/15/2019 Tuesday 12:35pm Belmont Abby College

Please make informed decisions on whether the school is a fit for you based on GPA and testing requirements.

Instructions for signing up for a college visit in Naviance:

1. Log into your Launchpad account on your OCPS laptop or visit on a non-OCPS computer device. 
2. Find the Naviance icon
3. Register for a college admissions visit on the home tab, under the "What's New" section
Register for a college admissions visit on the colleges (home) tab, under the "College Visits" section
4. Click on the hyperlinked college or university name to gain more information on the location of the school, required GPA/test scores, cost of the school, etc.
5. Click on the "Register Now" button to register for the West Orange High visit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take AP or Dual Enrollment with Valencia, UF, or UCF?
Most out-of-state universities prefer AP courses as well as some in-state universities. It is best to contact the university you are applying to and ask their admissions office what they prefer. Please keep in mind preferences may vary year to year.

What are the requirements for Dual Enrollment and how do I apply?

University of Florida: Junior or Senior, 3.6 unweighted GPA, and qualifying test scores. University of Florida Dual Enrollment

University of Central Florida: Junior or Senior, 3.8 academic core class GPA, and qualifying test scores. University of Central Florida Dual Enrollment

Valencia College: 3.0 unweighted high school GPA (3.0 weighted for upcoming Seniors) and qualifying test scores.
Valencia Dual Enrollment

OCPS Tech School: Junior or Senior, 2.0 unweighted GPA, & appropriate test scores. Career and Technical College Dual Enrollment

When should I start looking for colleges and visiting them?
Students should start narrowing down their college choice the beginning of their Junior year and visiting them the following Spring. We suggest visiting the school while it is in session and meeting with an admissions counselor.

When should I start applying to college?
Colleges say the sooner you apply your senior year the better chance you have at being admitted. Please keep in mind when applications open and their deadlines. Many schools accept early admissions applications beginning August 1st of your Senior year.

How can I get a copy of my transcript or send it to a college?
Transcripts must be ordered from the front desk in Student Services. Each electronic copy is free and each hard copy is $2. We suggest sending a hard copy in addition to an electronic copy to ensure the school receives it.

When should I start taking the SAT/ACT?
Students should typically begin taking the SAT/ACT the Winter/early Spring of their Junior year.

How do I get my SAT/ACT scores to the college/university I am applying to?
While scores are typically on the high school transcript, colleges will require official scores be sent directly from CollegeBoard or ACT. This can be done by logging into your CollegeBoard/ACT account and requesting your scores to be sent to the colleges/universities of your choice.

Where can I find scholarships and when should I start applying?
There are many websites with scholarship information. You can start with our School Website, under Student Services, then Scholarships. You can also utilize Naviance through your LaunchPad account, QuestBridge,,, and You should apply for scholarships as soon as they are available and you are eligible.

What is FAFSA?
ALL seniors need to apply for this!
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a form that can be prepared annually by current and prospective college students in the United States to determine their eligibility for financial aid. Although you may feel that you do not qualify for financial aid, many grants, scholarships, and schools require the FAFSA to be be completed. FAFSA information and application

What is Bright Futures?
Bright Futures is the name of the scholarship program in the state of Florida. It is funded by the Florida Lottery and was first started in 1997. Bright Futures awards scholarships to all students who meet minimum academic requirements regardless of financial need. Bright Futures information and application

How do I get a recommendation from a teacher or counselor?
Recommendation letters should be requested from teachers and counselors at least two weeks prior to an application deadline. To assist the teacher(s) and counselor in writing the best possible recommendation, Senior Profiles are available in Student Services. As soon as the Senior Profile is completed, be sure to make copies for every recommender as well as for your records and deliver it to each recommender.

How do I get help deciding on what career I want to go into?
There are many resources to help you decide what you want to do after high school and what to do to achieve your goals. Some resources we recommend are:

Naviance is a new tool you can utilize through your LaunchPad account. It includes a career and strengths interest inventory to help you find careers you may be interested in, as well as a college match search to help you find the right school for you. Once you log into, click on the Naviance app, then My Planner and Tasks Assignment to Me.